Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 – A Comprehensive Look

In this post, I am going to be walking you through an in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate as it exists today, three-quarters of the way through 2019. I'll give you an idea of what Wealthy Affiliate can do for you as you build your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is LOADED with all sorts of training resources, research materials and website building tools. I'll give you a breakdown of all these features right here in this post.

If you want, you can check it out for yourself HERE.

If you have found your way to this article, then you have most likely been searching for ways to make money online. Through your research you have probably read articles or seen videos stating that affiliate marketing can be a viable way to generate income working from anywhere you have an internet connection. A true statement…

Furthermore, you have probably seen that blogging can be an effective way to promote products and services, and create passive income for your affiliate marketing business. Another true statement…

Owning a blog is like owning your own piece of Internet “real estate.” When you register your chosen domain name, it is yours and yours alone. Other platforms may come and go, but your website will always be yours.

So now you've come to a point in your research where the idea of owning a website and blogging has grabbed your attention and you want to know more about how to start a blog and how to become an affiliate marketer. As you dig deeper into this topic, it's inevitable that you have run across a website called Wealthy Affiliate as an authority in teaching people how to become a blogger and marketer.

With that being said, let me jump in and give you a review of all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. As you read, be sure to write down any questions or insights you have and leave them in the comment section at the very end of this post. I'll be sure to follow up with you.

What exactly IS Wealthy Affiliate??? 

Wealthy Affiliate was created in 2005 by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. Their site started out simply as a keyword list website for affiliate marketers. They would offer regularly updated sets of keywords to help affiliates build successful pay-per-click advertising campaigns. It worked great and people loved the service. But as their businesses grew in scale and complexity, users started requesting new features such as…

  • Personal help and coaching
  • Training on how to build an online business
  • Websites and web hosting
  • Website building tools
  • Networking opportunities
  • A messaging system for communication

Nearly 15 years later, Wealthy Affiliate has added all of those features and much, much more. As I suggested earlier, Wealthy Affiliate has become well-known as a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. According to the website, there are over 1.4 million members there. With that number of members, clearly they are doing something right!

Wealthy Affiliate will guide you through the process of building a business online in any niche of your choice, without needing any prior knowledge or technical skills. Their process is very straight forward, and it has survived the test of time. It can be simply described as follows…


A Bloggers Dream

Wealthy Affiliate is truly a one-stop-shop for everything you need to get started in affiliate marketing using a blog. As you make your way through the remainder of this post, you’ll begin to see how robust and technologically sophisticated the platform is.

But don’t let that scare you. One thing that seems to be a stumbling block for beginning online entrepreneurs is the fear of, or lack of experience with technology. The idea of building and maintaining a website can be intimidating for sure. It definitely was for me.

One of the things that the folks at Wealthy Affiliate take pride in, is simplicity. They want you, as a brand new blogger, to be able to get your site up and running quickly. And they want you to do so without having to be a technical wizard. If you can open a web page and follow step-by-step instructions from the training, you can have a website up and running within a matter of minutes.

Education & Training

There are TONS of training tools available at Wealthy Affiliate. A large portion of that training has been created by one of the founders himself. Kyle has been in the affiliate marketing space for nearly two decades. In all of his years in the industry, he has seen a LOT. He knows what works and what doesn't. With that knowledge, he has created a systematic training program to teach you how to get your online business up and running efficiently.

Wealthy Affiliate definitely believes in a hands-on approach to learning, which you will find right from the start as you jump into the training. Kyle uses text and video to guide you step-by-step in the website building process. He will walk you through a task, then you go and do that task on your own site. Then you move on to the next lesson and repeat. Before you know it, you have a live and functioning website!

There are two main paths you can choose from to get you started:

  • The Affiliate Bootcamp 
  • The Online Entrepreneur Certification

There are also dozens of other sources of education within the platform, including:


  • Training Q & A
  • Classrooms
  • Live webinars
  • Member created training
  • Member created blogs

Let's take a look at each of these a little closer.

Affiliate Bootcamp: 

The “Affiliate Bootcamp” training is a series of courses created to teach you how to create and develop a business in a niche related to making money online using affiliate marketing. This course consists of 7 phases, with 10 lessons in each phase. This course is actually designed for promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself, but it will teach you the skills to promote just about any program or system in the “making money online” niche. I'll talk more about Wealthy Affiliate's promotion program later in this post.

Preview the Affiliate Bootcamp course HERE.

Online Entrepreneur Certification:

The “Online Entrepreneur Certification” is a 5 phase series of courses with 10 lessons in each phase. This course is designed to help you develop and create an online business involving any niche or interest you can think of. As an affiliate marketer you can promote and sell products and services for just about every interest out there. From health and fitness, to cooking, to music, to pet grooming, to whatever your imagination can dream up, this course will teach you how to promote it.

Both the Affiliate Bootcamp and the Online Entrepreneur Certification include training elements on not only blogging and website building, but also how to promote using other methods such as social media, video and paid advertising.

Preview the Online Entrepreneur Certification course HERE.

Training Q & A

Each training module and video contains a comment section below the content of the lesson. Within the comments section, you can leave questions. Kyle will answer questions there, as will other members. Often times these comments will develop into an ongoing thread that in itself is packed with great information.


In addition to the training found in the bootcamp and entrepreneur certification, there are several classrooms where you can find more specific training on just about every topic you can think of as it relates to building your website.

Some of these topics include:

  • Getting Started
  • Website Development
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Email Marketing
  • And many more

Live Training (webinars) 

Another fantastic education option is the weekly webinars. The weekly webinars are hosted by a guy named Jay Neill who is the resident Live Training Coach at Wealthy Affiliate. The webinars are live, and are jam-packed with tons of useful information on a variety of business building topics.

All you have to do is register for the webinar and you will be reminded of when it will start. During the webinar, all attendees are welcome to interact and ask questions. At the end of every webinar, Jay leaves time to answer questions in real time.

And do not worry if you happen to miss one of the webinars; every one of them are recorded and archived for viewing at a later time. Even though the webinar might be a replay, it is still interactive. You can leave comments and questions in the “comments” section below the archived webinars. Jay and other members will be notified and will answer questions and respond to comments left there.

Member Created Training

As I mentioned earlier, there are well over a MILLION members in the “community” at Wealthy Affiliate. One of the fantastic attributes of the members there is that they are more than generous with their vast amounts of knowledge. As a member, you are allowed to create your own training courses and post them there as a benefit to the rest of the membership. Many of the members do just that.

These training courses are usually short (4 to 7 pages of text) and can be read in about 10 to 15 minutes. Some members chose to post training videos that they have created. They cover a wide variety of topics from “how-to” guides to useful insights about running your business.

These brief training lessons can be of great value coming from people who are out there making a living with their online business. The insights they share are a result of tried and tested methods that they use and have success with themselves.

Member Blogs

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have a space to share your journey with the other members of the community in the form of a blog. Blogging inside of Wealthy Affiliate is completely optional, but it is just one more way that members can offer their insights and experiences. Such insights can be a valuable learning tool, especially when you are first starting out.

I'll talk more about member blogs later when I expand upon the community there.

So as you can see, there is enough training available at Wealthy Affiliate to not only get you started, but to keep you going and growing as you become more advanced over time.


The websites platform at Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything you need to create and operate a successful website for your online business.

As a blogger, your website IS your business. Your website is your piece of real estate online. So it is very important that you have a website platform that is stable and efficient, and that can grow at the same pace your business grows. And just as importantly, you need a platform that is continuously updated and keeps pace with the rapid changes in technology today.

Wealthy Affiliate provides this through a platform they simply call Websites, which is as sophisticated and feature-rich as any hosting platform that you will find online.

Here are some of the features you will find within the Websites platform:

And here are some of the “behind the scenes” features you will find working for you within the Websites platform as well:

  • Excellent Website Speed
  • Website Ease of Use
  • State-of-the-art Encryption and Security
  • A Sophisticated Site Management System
  • Advanced Design Features & Plugins
  • Strong Technical Support

These are all items that you as a blogger want in a web-hosting platform. The folks at Wealthy Affiliate plan on being around for years to come. And to do that means having a commitment to supporting you with cutting edge technology in their website development and hosting platform. And Wealthy Affiliate Websites delivers just that.

To get your website started, Wealthy Affiliate offers domain purchasing through their SiteDomains platform. Prices for domains there are comparable to other domain purchasing services

For the sake of how it relates to web hosting, I will take the time to mention here the two options for memberships at Wealthy Affiliate; which are Starter Member and Premium.

As a Starter member, you get 2 completely free websites (hosting included).

As a paid Premium member, you can host up to 50 websites, including 25 on your own domains.

The Premium membership is $49 per month and comes with the FULL list of features listed above. If you compare that with a $250 per month price tag of other hosting packages out there, Wealthy Affiliate is a bargain for sure.

And don't forget, also included in that $49 per month is All the training resources I mentioned above!

I'll talk more about pricing options later, and how you can possibly make the price even less than $49 per month.

And as if that were not a great value, there is even more.

To save you time in your website creation, Wealthy Affiliate utilizes their SiteBuilder platform. The SiteBuilder will walk you through the initial site building process that you can see in the picture below.


There are nearly 4300 website templates ready and available for you to use. The templates are created for and integrate with WordPress which is arguably one of the most popular website platforms on the Internet. Don’t worry, there is no code writing or programming experience is required. All you have to do is publish the content into the template and you'll be up and running quickly!



To publish your content, Wealthy Affiliate uses a simple to use online word processor and publishing tool called SiteContent.

SiteContent contains a word processor much like Word or Pages or Google Docs and operates similarly. SiteContent is more than just a word processor, however. It also allows you to create templates for content that you may publish regularly. Another nice feature is the ability to create “buckets,” that are much like folders, to organize your posts.

All your content is saved online and can be accessed from any device. When you have your post just the way you like it, you can publish it directly to your site directly from SiteContent.

Once your post is published to your website, you have plenty of control of your post and your site through SiteManager.

SiteManager allows you to keep an eye on your site from one dashboard where you can view:

  • The number of pages and posts
  • The health of your site
  • The status of your security features
  • Comments left on your posts
  • Your website as others see it

From SiteManager you also have the ability to login to the WordPress editor directly. There you have even more features and control over the content and the look of your site.

And like any other state-of-the-art platform, there is quality technical support available 24/7/365.

Now before you start feeling overwhelmed by all the features just within the Websites platform, let me remind you that the training I mentioned above teaches you how to use ALL of these things. And it does so systematically and simply.

Other Tools

Keyword Research

One of the staples of blogging is using targeted keywords or phrases to help your blog rank high on search engine results pages. Wealthy Affiliate provides one of the most robust keyword research tools on the internet. They call this tool Jaaxy.

I could write an entire blog post just about Jaaxy. In short, it allows you to input a keyword or phrase and see how often it is being searched on Google and other search engines. There are several other stats that it gives you as well.

Check out Jaaxy for yourself HERE.

Kyle has an entire module in both the Affiliate Bootcamp and the Entrepreneur Certification course dedicated to Jaaxy and different methods of researching quality keywords. Don't forget, that is how Wealthy Affiliate was born…. Keyword Research.

Affiliate Program Research Tool

Once Wealthy Affiliate has taught you how to build a website to promote products, they don’t leave you hanging there. They provide you with an affiliate program research tool to help you find affiliate programs for any interest or niche.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate does have their own affiliate program. This means not only can you learn how to be an affiliate for, and promote other products, but you can also earn commissions by promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself. The commissions are good, and can be recurring.


One of the more unique things about Wealthy Affiliate that separates it from other online programs, is the community. Interaction with other members is not only acceptable, but encouraged. If you are serious about building a business and maintaining that business for years to come, you will need support from other like-minded people from time to time.

If you are like me, you are the one and only employee of your business. There are times when I get overwhelmed by all the things that need to get done. Or sometimes I get writers block. Sometimes I just need to vent or talk with someone who is in a similar place as myself in his or her entrepreneurial journey.

Wealthy Affiliate provides several ways to receive that type of support.

Training Q & A

As I mentioned earlier in the training section, at the end of every training module there is a comment section where you can leave comments or questions. When a comment is left, the creator of the training is notified, and can then reply.

Additionally, anyone else that has left a comment will be notified and can also chime into the discussion. Furthermore, you will be notified when someone responds to your comment or question.

Member Profiles

Somewhat like a social media site, you as a member have your own personal profile. Your profile can be a great networking tool. Completing your profile allows other members to see what business you might be in, your motivations, your interests and things of that nature. All of these things could be a good reason to connect and possibly collaborate.

You will also have the ability to “follow” other members. Doing so will allow you to see when those members create training pages or blog posts.

Member Blogs

Since we’re on the topic of blog posts… you as a member at Wealthy Affiliate have your own blog associated with your profile. Here you can post things such as ideas and tips that work for you that you might want to share with other members. Or you can share the ups and downs of your journey.

I personally find it very helpful to read other members’ blogs. Most share great insights about building websites, about helpful tools they use, and some share about their personal journey and development.

Live Chat

One more option to connect with other members is through the use of live chat. Located right on the main page, the chat roll is live and available 24/7/365.

The beauty of the internet is that it never sleeps. No matter where you are in the world or what the time is, someone is on the Wealthy Affiliate 24 hrs a day. If you have a question just pop it into the live chat and you’ll have a response within minutes. If that person doesn’t have a direct answer, they probably know someone who does or a training resource that can help you out.

Private Messaging

As a member you have access to the private messaging system within Wealthy Affiliate. Here you can communicate privately with other members of the community. This is a nice feature, in my opinion, for several reasons:

  • To give and receive one-on-one coaching
  • Have conversations with other members that might not be relevant in the comments section of a post
  • To keep business communications in one place

Memberships and Pricing

So… now that you have heard about all that wealthy affiliate has to offer, let's get down to how much all this costs.

Wealthy Affiliate has two price points:

Starter membership$0.00 per month.

     Free to join and learn.  Free to stay as long as you like.  Zero risk.

Premium membership$49 per month.

     No up-sells…ever.  Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Price discounts:

If you decide to upgrade to a Premium Membership within 7 days after signing up for a free Starter Membership, you will only pay $19 for the first month (a 39% discount), then $49 per month thereafter.

Another payment option is to pay on a yearly basis. This option costs $359 for 12 months.

This equates to just under $30 per month. That's $229 less than paying monthly, or a 61% discount.

Seems like a pretty good deal!

So in summary:

Starter Membership – FREE – (join here)

Premium Membership – $49/mo ($588/year) – (join here)

Premium Membership paid yearly – $29.92/mo ($359 per year)

Here is a quick breakdown of the differences between the Starter and Premium memberships:

My recommendation…

If you’re curious at all, sign up for the free membership. Go inside and have a look around. Take the first 10 lessons and build a website. I think you will like what you see. But if you don't, you have lost absolutely nothing.

If you in fact decide to take it for a test drive, send me a private message after you sign up. I’ll be more than happy to help you find your way around. You can find my profile HERE. 

That's a wrap!

That’s going to do it for this review.  I hope you found value in this post.  If you did, be sure to leave me a comment below.  If you have any questions, also leave those below. 

Or if you prefer, you can drop me an email.  My address is jeff@jeffgnagyonline.com

Please feel free to share this article with anyone who might want to know a little more about Wealthy Affiliate.  Also feel free to share on Facebook and Twitter. 

Have a great day!


Affiliate Disclaimer

There are affiliate links in this blog post. If you decide to make a purchase after clicking through one of these links, I earn a small commission for that. It does not change the price for you whatsoever. Prices do not change regardless of where you buy.

Any income claims, or claims of success are not necessarily true for everyone. Just like any other career or business venture, hard work and persistence is required. Many people succeed…and many fail as well. It is up to YOU to determine your fate.